Massage Etiquette


Please exercise good hygiene and be clean when you arrive for your massage. If you have been exercising or participating in a strenuous activity that has made you sweat or perspire, please plan for enough time to get cleaned up before your massage appointment.


If you are feeling ill with fever, sore throat, or other symptoms, please feel free to reschedule your appointment. We would love to see you again when your feeling well.


While waiting for your appointment or during your therapy, please be aware of your noise level. Our walls are not soundproof and even seemingly normal sounds, like talking, laughter, and similar sounds can be heard by others in their massage sessions and can be disturbing or disruptive for them. Please be considerate of others and allow them to have the same relaxing atmosphere that you would like.

Good Communication

As your massage session begins, your therapist may ask you about any physical issues that need to be addressed during your massage. Please be open and honest with your therapist. You may be surprised how the seemingly simplest fact could make a big difference in the overall plan for your treatment.


While tipping is common in many massage and spa establishments, it is always voluntary. Because we are a medical massage clinic, we don't have an expectation of tips for services. However, tips are always welcome and appreciated.



For reservations or information:

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